Location of Centre & Data of Charai

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Boys - 40.43%, Girls- 59.57

  • The objective of the centre is to create a learning pace for subject-wise graded learning system. The class arrangement is arranged as per subject-wise learning status of the learners.
  • Training of the teachers is provided to make competent for effective promotion of this activity.
  • In our Charai programme we provide support for good quality of learning, also provide Teaching and Learning materials, Uniforms and winter dresses, puja dresses, Bags and protein rich nutritious breakfast. The Village-level organization provides space and regular monitoring support.
  • Prescribed nutritious food is provided to the learners during session. Health camps are arranged for required up-gradation of physical & mental growth of the students.
  • We have also provided Furniture, stand fan, solar system & micro solar dome.
  • We have developed one model infrastructure centre at Puada in Purba Medinipur district.
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